Tahta Kencana Petroleum Sdn. Bhd. or formerly known as KLS Petroleum (M) Sdn Bhd was established on 6th November 2012 and was renamed on 24th February 2014 as a private limited company and 100% owned by Bumiputra. It was registered at No.12A& 14A, Tingkat 1 Block 2 Worldwide Business Park, Jalan Tinju 13/50 Seksyen 13, 40675 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tahta Kencana Petroleum Sdn. Bhd has been established by the persons those are highly motived, knowledgeable and wide experiences in business and administration of the projects. They believe that “ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail ” and ” We ought to take life easy. Well, it may not be so easy to take it easy but, take it easy “. These make them very committed and particular in everything they do until now they are very successful persons in their field. Together with enthusiastic staff comprising managers, engineers, executives, supervisors and workers, the company will be able to deliver any projects ahead the schedule.

Tahta Kencana Petroleum Sdn. Bhd. with the objectives to fulfill one of the government’s objectives where to produce more successful Bumiputra businessman in order to minimize the gap between Bumiputra and Non-Bumiputra especially in business field.

Welcome Message from Chairman


It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staffs.

It is our determined policy to continue to adapt ourselves to the world of transformation and to “become a company with a confirmed position as a leading Information Technology company in the globalised market”.

Our company’s development path over the years reflects our core values: to offer innovative services to our clients and their customers alike, within a fast-changing and stimulating work environment. Being a closely-held private concern has enabled us to navigate these challenging waters with a high degree of flexibility. Never taking no for an answer and always focusing on our clients’ needs have served to make Data-Tech a trusted reference in our field.

Our main goal is to continue to innovate to provide high quality solutions for our clients. We will achieve this and our other objectives by caring passionately for our clients, business partners, contactors and our employees.

On behalf of us all, looking forward to seeing what you achieve here!


Being a leading and successful entity in the world.


Support government programs in the new economic policy to balance the sharing of national wealth.
Into an organization that is competitive, efficient and competent in financial adminsitration and project management.



To support government’s initiatives to produce and develop more entrepreneurs among Bumiputera

Ensure a high level of professionalism, a healthy competitiveness and a high level of company management efficiency.

To support small Bumiputra entrepreneurs in supply of raw materials, construction and services.

To be the one the main players in investment holdings and consultation field.

Consistent in accomplishing the finest service achievements.



Strengthen the management and project team through coaching and training.
Get updated the current situation initiative taken bythe government and plan accordingly.
Build up good rapport with government and private parties.
Invite the Bumiputra suppliers and contractors to participate actively in the projects
To provide financial and technical support to the trustworthy and committed entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.
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